Interior of a company workspace with rows of computers in a room, illustrating a productive work environment.

Technology services

We provide full lifecycle management, covering everything from project planning, preparation and installation to the ongoing support and maintenance of all IT and technological equipment throughout the Nordics​.

Better, faster, and smarter way

We provide Nordic reach and scalability with local customer focus. Our comprehensive geographical coverage, expertise and capabilities help customers to manage, maintain and transform digital technologies.

Nordic coverage

Through our extensive service network, our Field Service Operations provide nationwide coverage in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden from more than 180 locations, securing on-site support within 4 hours, and down to 1 hour for selected clients in all Nordic countries. Our certified and highly skilled engineers solve more than 400.000 work orders annually.

Full service offerings

We provide a full suite of service offerings across a broad product and technology range. Our advanced service management system features real-time updates from our field service engineers, advanced planning and dispatch solutions to manage service events, web access and direct interfaces with major freight carriers.


Visual representation of a life cycle management overview, illustrating the comprehensive management stages within our technical processes.

We offer Life Cycle Management (LCM) / Device as a service (DaaS) for any IT hardware from A-Z. Enhancing daily work for partners and end-users by maximizing technology benefits. Our diverse capabilities and broad array of services empower us to adopt a holistic approach to the value chain, offering modular solutions tailored to specific needs.

Our services

Our service portfolio is modular, flexible, and adaptable to meet special service demands covering the complete hardware life cycle.

Warranty Services

We offer comprehensive warranty services to ensure that your covered equipment operates smoothly, addressing any potential issues that may arise during the warranty period.

Break & Fix

In the event of a breakdown, our skilled technicians are ready to provide efficient and effective solutions, ensuring minimal downtime and rapid resolution.

Configuration & Setup

We specialize in the meticulous configuration and setup of your IT systems, tailoring them to your specific needs and ensuring optimal performance.

Vehicle IT

We provide specialized IT services for vehicles, ensuring that the technology onboard operates smoothly, enhancing connectivity and efficiency for various transportation needs.

Transportation and logistics

Our services extend to transportation, addressing IT needs and logistics to optimize the flow and management of goods and services.

Repair & Recycle

Our commitment extends to the full lifecycle of your equipment, offering repair services when possible and environmentally responsible recycling solutions for end-of-life electronics.

Roll-Out projects, including Project Management

We manage end-to-end roll-out projects, handling all aspects from planning to execution, ensuring seamless implementation and overseeing the project with dedicated project management.

IMAC/D (Installation, Move, Add, Change, Disposal)

Our services cover the entire lifecycle of your IT infrastructure, from initial installation to relocation, additions, changes, and proper disposal when needed.

Service Desk & Help Desk

Onitio offers comprehensive Service Desk and Help Desk support, providing a responsive and reliable interface for end-users to seek assistance and resolve IT-related concerns.

OEM Services

A visual representation of a computer disk, symbolizing data storage and technology.

We stand out as the preferred Warranty & OEM services provider for both established and innovative technologies in the Nordics, and there's a compelling reason behind it!

Equipment may encounter issues, but with Onitio, we are committed to resolving any challenges. As a service provider independent of brands, we specialize in repairing and managing products from all major brands and technologies.

System integrators

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Onitio is dedicated to ensuring top-notch customer satisfaction through a well-established operational model.

Our commitment extends to supporting system integrators in creating significant business impact for end-customers throughout the Nordics. The key to our success lies in our extensive geographical coverage and expertise, which plays a crucial role in delivering services of the highest quality.

Our hybrid model seamlessly integrates dispatched engineers and dedicated resources with backfill capabilities. Their adaptive nature and commitment to delivering exceptional customer satisfaction make our resources highly sought after by corporations.


Photograph of a bank terminal, highlighting our technical and IT expertise in the realm of financial technology and services.

Onitio is your reliable partner in ensuring uninterrupted operations for retailers through a comprehensive approach to managing your technical infrastructure. We offer a one-stop solution covering Point of Sale (POS), Digital Signage, Clients, Printers, and Networks.

With extensive experience in the installation, service, and repair of business-critical equipment and systems, Onitio plays a vital role in grocery shops, pharmacies, restaurants, and vehicles. Our dedicated service engineers provide on-site service and support with response times as swift as 2 hours for critical incidents. Beyond our expansive Nordic Service Network, we provide pre-configuration, local repairs, as well as logistics and warehouse management.

Internet of Things

Interior of a company workspace with rows of computers in a room, illustrating a productive work environment.

Onitio specializes in IoT logistics and field services, covering Installation, Management, and Maintenance.

The deployment of IoT solutions is often labor-intensive, involving the installation of hundreds or even thousands of wireless sensors, devices, access points, and extenders. Within the Nordic region, our extensive reach and capabilities in logistics, installation, and maintenance position us as a crucial player in the IoT ecosystem.


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