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About us

We take care of IT, you take care of business

We are passionate about taking care of our clients technology in a way that fuels business performance and at the same time takes care of the environment. We are dedicated and determined to create, innovate, and deliver word class services and solutions. We provide top-notch service with ultra-fast response times across the Nordics.


Our mission is to make the use of IT easy, stable, efficient, secure and environmentally friendly 


Our services drive customer success with effective customer journeys, functional systems, new ways of working, and improved business processes


We provide world class service with ultra-fast response times across the Nordics 

Customer centric

We provide flexibility and services according to customer needs and terms


We extend our technology's lifespan to minimize environmental impact and reduce our customers' need for new investments. We work continuously to minimize the CO2 impact of our operations/service delivery


The people in Onitio are our greatest asset. We come from all corners of the Nordics with one goal in common - to make technology work for our customers

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About Onitio

We make IT work
We expand with you
We handle complexity

Onitio is a challenger. With energy and young spirit, we challenge the status quo and strive to be the best in our category.

We are passionate and dedicated, determined to create and deliver world class services and solutions.

Our values

We take pride in...

Happy Customers

We love the sight of a smiling customer​

Being Solution Oriented​

We are forward thinking and bring solutions – not problems​

Being Reliable

We deliver what we have promised, when we have promised

Each Other

We are friendly colleagues who celebrate each other’s successes

Brand story

With solid roots in the IT and service sector from 1978, Onitio has emerged as a front runner in the Nordic region following the merger of InfoCare Group and the former Visma companies, Exso AS, Value Retail Consulting AS and EssCom AB.

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At present, Onitio leads in various business areas across the Nordic region and shows a commitment to growth together with our valued partners and customers. As of August 2023, Onitios robust organization consists of more than 1.500 skilled professionals, who drive the company towards an expected turnover of almost NOK 2 billion for the fiscal year. The group has invested in the best geographical coverage in the business and is truly “the IT partner close to you”. This reflects the group’s dedication to delivering exceptional IT services and solutions.

Facts and Figures


Across the Nordics


Across the Nordics


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Group Management

Scenic nature view with a horizon, capturing the beauty of the landscape and the vastness of the surroundings.

We've got you covered!

We deliver sustainable IT-solutions and services all across the Nordics, so our customers can focus on their core business.


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