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Solutions and products

We deliver solutions within retail, pharmacy, transport and logistics, and associated sectors. Consultant services with cutting-edge expertise within retail and IT is provided through Value Retail Consulting​.

Our Services

IT Infrastructure and Security

We take pride in delivering cutting-edge solutions in the realms of IT Infrastructure and Security. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to fortify your organization's technological backbone while safeguarding your digital assets.


We specialize in providing advanced Endpoint Management services, offering a comprehensive solution to oversee and optimize the performance and security of your organization's networked devices.

Application Management

Our Application Management service places a strong emphasis on proactive monitoring, ensuring the optimal performance, security, and reliability of your critical business applications.

Customer Care

Our commitment to exceptional service extends to our dedicated Customer Care department. We understand that customer satisfaction is at the core of a thriving business, and our Customer Care services are designed to ensure that your customers receive the support and attention they deserve.

Personalized Support

Our Customer Care team is here to provide personalized support tailored to meet the unique needs of your customers. Whether they have inquiries, concerns, or feedback, we pride ourselves on delivering responsive and empathetic assistance.

Multichannel Accessibility

In a digitally connected world, we recognize the importance of being accessible across various channels. Our Customer Care services extend beyond traditional support lines to include online chat, email, and social media, ensuring that your customers can reach us in the way that is most convenient for them.

Issue Resolution

We understand that challenges may arise, and our Customer Care professionals are equipped to handle a diverse range of issues. From troubleshooting technical problems to addressing product-related queries, our team is dedicated to resolving issues efficiently, contributing to a positive customer experience.

Continuous Improvement

Customer feedback is invaluable, and we use it as a catalyst for continuous improvement. Our commitment to enhancing our services means that we are always looking for ways to refine and optimize the customer care experience.

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Our Product and Solutions

Smart Store Solutions

We deliver versatile solutions in the realm of Digital Signage, Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL), and Information Kiosks.

Our comprehensive suite of offerings is designed to transform the way businesses communicate and engage with their customers. From dynamic digital displays that capture attention and convey messages effectively, to ESL systems that bring real-time pricing and product information to the shelf edge, and intuitive infokiosks for interactive customer engagement — we provide a spectrum of cutting-edge solutions.

Elevate your retail experience with our technology, tailored to enhance communication, streamline operations, and create impactful customer interactions.

Queue Management

We deliver diverse queue management solutions tailored for both retail and warehouse environments.

Our innovative systems are designed to streamline and optimize the queuing process, ensuring efficient customer flow and enhanced operational productivity. From advanced digital queue displays to customizable queue management software, we provide a range of solutions to meet the unique needs of your business.

Experience the future of queue management with our cutting-edge technology, designed to elevate customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Checkout and Payment

We specialize in delivering diverse hardware solutions for Point of Sale (POS) systems.

From robust cash register setups to efficient self-scanning options and Self-Checkout (SCO), our range of POS hardware is designed to meet the unique needs of modern businesses. Whether you require traditional cashier stations, self-scanning devices to expedite the checkout process, or the convenience of self-checkout terminals, we provide reliable and cutting-edge hardware solutions.

Elevate your retail environment with our POS hardware solutions, crafted to enhance both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Device Management

We specialize in delivering diverse management solutions for handheld devices, printers, and scanners tailored to the retail and warehouse sectors, utilizing technologies such as MDM (Mobile Device Management), EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management), Zero Touch, Intune, and Soti.

Our cutting-edge technology ensures seamless integration and optimal performance, empowering businesses to streamline their operations efficiently.

Whether you're looking to enhance inventory management, improve order processing, or elevate overall productivity, our range of solutions, incorporating MDM, EMM, Zero Touch, Intune, and Soti, is designed to meet your specific needs.


From the point of purchase to the end of its life cycle, we take pride in offering a complete range of services, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance throughout the hardware's operational journey.

Hardware Partner

From the initial purchase to the eventual replacement, we are committed to being your end-to-end hardware partner. Our services encompass strategic planning, procurement, installation, configuration, and ongoing support. We guide you through upgrades and refresh cycles, ensuring that your hardware environment evolves with your business requirements.

Life Cycle Management

We don't just sell hardware; we manage the entire life cycle on behalf of our clients. Our proactive approach includes routine maintenance, swift issue resolution, and upgrades to keep your hardware environment at its peak performance. When the time comes for replacement, we ensure a smooth transition, including secure and environmentally responsible disposal.

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Portrait of a dedicated employee in our company, embodying professionalism and commitment.

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