Interior of a company workspace with rows of computers in a room, illustrating a productive work environment.


Our business model is by nature environmentally friendly, since we are servicing and maintaining technological products and prolonging it’s end of life.

Representation of the circular element in our logo, symbolizing unity, continuity, and the essence of our brand identity.

Our goal

We are committed to fight Climate Change – one step at a time!

Our aim is to be at the forefront when it comes to sustainability. In other words, at Onitio, sustainability is not just a goal, but an integral part of our identity, and it drives us to have a lasting positive impact on all aspects of our business.


Green plant positioned in front of a computer, symbolizing the intersection of technology and sustainability in our workspace.

We work hard to reduce our environmental footprint. Our primary environmental goals are the reduction of power consumption, total mileage and CO2 emissions.

We are a part of the national collection system, ensuring responsible collection and disposal of electronic waste and batteries.

We are actively collaborating with partners and customers to leverage our repair & reycle capabilities, contributing positively to the circular economy.

Corporate social responsibility

Scenic nature view with a horizon, featuring a road illuminated by the lights of passing cars, capturing the beauty of the journey through the landscape.

Our core values guide our relationship with clients, employees, communities and the environment in which we operate.

We respect the local laws in the Nordic countries where we operate and support international laws and regulations, including the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO convention.

We have a strong focus on employee satisfaction and strive to reduce our environmental footprint in everything we do.

A company where people enjoy working

Four employees engaged in a meeting room discussion, fostering collaboration and teamwork within the company.

Our employees are our most valuable asset ensuring customer satisfaction in their day-to-day interactions. We provide soft skills training for all staff, in addition to technical certifications.

For us it is important to

  • Ensure that our employees feel engaged and motivated
  • Maintaining an open dialogue between management and employees
  • Provide a diverse and inclusive work environment


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