Image of a server room showcasing the infrastructure that powers our technological operations and data management.

Workforce Services & Consulting

We deliver dedicated resources and comprehensive consulting solutions within IT, both through dedicated onsite and dispatched support.

Dedicated IT Resources

Onitio offers a range of IT professionals for temporary staffing, accommodating both long-term and short-term assignments.

On-site IT support

We provide resources for both on-site IT support and remote assistance, offering different competence levels based on urgency and requirements. We can serve as the single point of contact for your end-users, managing calls and incidents, or act as your technical 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support functions.

Short and long-term commitment

Our staffing organizations collaborate with a diverse array of customers, consistently prioritizing the delivery of an outstanding end-user experience across a broad spectrum of services and technologies.

Our service areas

With a focus on precision and efficiency, we navigate the intricate realms of technology to provide not just support, but a strategic partnership that propels your IT initiatives forward. In an ever-evolving digital environment, we stand as your reliable ally, empowering your business with the right talents and solutions to thrive in the competitive IT landscape.

Dedicated IT Resources

Onitio provides dedicated IT resources, including Workplace Technicians, Server Technicians, Network Engineers, and Service Desk professionals, ensuring specialized expertise for various aspects of your IT infrastructure.

On-site Desk Side Support

Our services extend to on-site desk side support, offering hands-on assistance and technical expertise directly at your location when needed.

Activity-Based IT Technician

We offer activity-based IT technicians, ensuring that the right expertise is deployed for specific tasks or projects as required by your organization

Project Resources

Onitio provides skilled project resources, offering the necessary expertise to ensure the successful planning and execution of IT projects within your organization.


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