Norsk Tipping needed to update and modernize their gaming terminals

Visual representation of Norsk Tipping, highlighting the brand and services of the Norwegian state-owned gaming company.

Read more about how Norsk Tipping has modernized and replaced gaming terminals across all of Norway with the help of Onitio.



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Technology services

Norsk Tipping is present in almost every small corner of Norway through its many commissioners. For them, it is crucial that their gaming machines and technical equipment always work without interruption. Operational stability is key, and with commissioners with variable technical skills, they need someone who takes care of their systems, who is easy to talk to and who can arrive at any location on short notice should technical errors occur.

At the same time, it is important for Norsk Tipping to have modern and well-functioning equipment at every location. Therefore, it was a demanding task when they wanted to update and upgrade all their gaming machines. Norsk Tipping knew it would be challenging, both technically and operationally, because this had to happen quickly, efficiently, and preferably without any technical downtime.

Good flow of communication and passion for solving problems and deliver was key to success

In December 2020, five pilots were carried out by the Moelven office that went straight into roll-out and implementation without any introduction and with minimal training. Full roll-out was started shortly after in January 2021, and within a few months all Norsk Tipping's locations had installed new gaming terminals

Over 160 people were involved in the project, and 2949 VLTs were set up across as many as 811 commissioners around the country.

It was an extensive work that was completed in a very short time, as we had to quickly create and coordinate rollout plans, order and transport equipment, coordinate technicians and installation of new equipment across the country, test, and check and much more.

Project owner Roger Soleim, Norsk Tipping

«The whole project has gone very well, and we are 100% up to date in the service trade and in the bingo halls with brand new and modern terminals. The work done is very impressive. Full control from A to Z. The collaboration with Onitio also seems to have been superb. The interaction between NT's resources and Onitio has, as usual, been good, and is always the key to a successful rollout ».

There is a lot that could go wrong, and we were not without challenges like software or equipment deliveries that were delayed, hardware that was delivered dead on arrival (DOA), COVID19 controlling measures etc. But the most important thing we learned, was that effective communication between all parties along the way, combined with high implementation ability and willingness, helped us solve the challenges as they appeared. Ultimately, the project was delivered at an agreed price and at an agreed schedule.

The project was performed with high efficiency across a large geographical area, avoiding any operational malfunction or downtime.