Travel at ease through Entur, with the help of Telia and Onitio

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When Telia planned to deliver a wide area network (WAN) solution to all ticket vending machines for Entur, the choice was simple.



Delivered by:

Technology services

Telia Norway is a leading technology company with approximately 2.300 employees. Telia solutions for business-critical communication and Onitio helps to make it work. We have a great history of projects with Telia and collaborate on different levels in our organizations.

Efficiency, coordination, and operational stability are repetitive words for a reason. Onitio holds great knowledge within project management, logistics, and a broad technical knowledge among our technicians. Onitio holds an ISO 9001 certification on Quality and an ISO 14001 certification for our environmental management system.

Upgrading 216 ticket vending machines and 22 cash deposit machines with 4G routers, on 123 public transport stations all over Norway

In a timeframe of one month, 29 technicians Onitio upgraded 216 ticket vending machines and 22 cash deposit machines with 4G routers on 123 public transport stations all over Norway. Some ticket vending machines have also been equipped with external antennas. Additionally, Onitio surveyed and upgraded seven Entur offices with a total of 44 new Cisco Meraki Access points and 34 Cisco Meraki switches.

The coordination and orchestration of all these activities requires experience and expertise. To put it in perspective: in advance of configuration, the logistics must be acquired prior to software configuration, followed by co-packing before it’s sent out to the correct locations, and then, training of staff and dispatch to 29 technicians, followed by reporting and documentation in retrospect.

Additional services provided from Onitio:

  • Project Management and coordination
  • Software delivery center
  • Logistics & transportation
  • Site surveys
  • Installation and rollout services
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Return and destruction of old equipment (ISO 14001)

Project Manager Thomas Brekke from Telia Enterprise, Norway:

«When Telia was to implement WAN for Entur to all ticket machines in Norway, Onitio was a natural partner based on our previous experiences. Onitio delivers high quality work. Onitio always delivers on time, they deliver according to budget, and they are reporting continuously according to the reporting plans we have prepared. In the Entur project, we had very short rollout period, however they delivered as always on time».

As of Q1 2022 Onitio has an ongoing project with Telia Enterprise and end customer Posten Norge AS where new access points shall be installed at 1400 locations.