Meet Thea, our Visionary Project Manager in Oslo

Portrait of a dedicated employee in our company, embodying professionalism and commitment.

Step into the dynamic world of Thea. She is an accomplished Project Manager at Onitio, specializing in IT infrastructure—a key asset in the realm of project management.

Bringing her expertise to the forefront, Thea has orchestrated numerous triumphs, leading successful projects for renowned companies such as Conscia (NAV Vestland, NAV Agder, Statnett), Telia, TietoEvry, Acer, Entur, and Atea. As a Project Manager at Onitio, Thea shoulders the responsibility of keeping projects on track and within budget, with an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. Beyond her role in various projects, Thea serves as the delivery coordinator for major companies like COOP, HP, and Dustin. She also directs her prowess towards internal improvements and retail projects.

About Thea:

Thea lives in Oslo with her partner and a puppy named Java. She has a bachelor's degree in informatics, and is fueled by a passion for enhancing projects and optimizing processes.

Customer Feedback:

The impact of Thea's work is echoed in the words of a satisfied customer: "Thank you, Thea, for your excellent professionalism in engaging with my colleague and carrying out the Onitio duties to date with minimum involvement from our part."