Meet Oskar Virkki the Demand Planner at Onitio Finland

Portrait of a dedicated employee in our company, embodying professionalism and commitment.

What is it like to be part of the Nordic team at Onitio? Oskar Virkki works at Onitio Finland as part of the Nordic team. Dive into the world of working in a team whose members operate from different countries!

Onitio is the leading IT service provider in the Nordics, and our team collaborates closely with professionals from various countries. Oskar Virkki, serving as a Demand Planner at Onitio, focuses primarily on procurement, logistics, and strategic purchasing. His role differs from other roles at Onitio in Finland, as he is part of the Nordic Logistic team that spans the Nordic countries.

Oskar sought a new step in his career, and transitioning from DHL's import logistics to Onitio felt like a natural progression. Onitio provided the opportunity to expand his skills and fulfill himself even more. At Onitio, Oskar can leverage his expertise and interest in both financial management and logistics, taking on broader responsibilities across different areas.

A typical day for Oskar involves diverse tasks. He works extensively with Excel, participates in meetings with clients and colleagues, and engages in various project work.

Especially for larger projects, demands careful planning and approval. He also oversees operational purchasing, such as acquiring technical components for various devices.

Oskar's role is unique at Onitio in Finland, as his supervisor is located in Sweden, and team members are in Norway and Sweden, requiring independent work and teamwork skills. Despite the longer geographical distances, Oskar emphasizes a strong team spirit and collaboration across different countries. He regularly travels to other Nordic countries, contributing to team cohesion and emphasizing a sense of belonging.

Oskar enjoys his time at Onitio, particularly due to the diverse projects. Varied tasks constantly challenge him and provide opportunities for growth. He appreciates the excellent reception and support he receives from colleagues. An open and helpful atmosphere enables efficient collaboration across different countries and cultures, according to Oskar.

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