From Temporary Worker to Team Leader: Marek's Unstoppable Journey

Portrait of a dedicated employee in our company, embodying professionalism and commitment.

How did Marek transition from a temporary worker to a team leader at Onitio?

Marek began his journey at Onitio in 2009 when the company was still known as InfoCare as a temporary worker, later officially joining the Onitio family about a year later. His career at Onitio kicked off as a local support specialist for the Nokia account and continued to cover various roles, including being a on-site support specialist, handling hundreds of locations across Uusimaa. Some were fixed-term daily agreements, ticket-based, or hourly contracts, encompassing tasks ranging from mouse replacements to server support.

With a commitment to his passion for floorball and coaching consuming much of Marek's time, career advancement to different roles wasn't an immediate priority. However, an opportunity arose to transition to roles with increased responsibilities. Marek took the chance and leaped into the role of Service Manager within our client company. Following this stint, he transferred to Vantaa as a Project Coordinator, contributing to nationwide projects with clients like Gigantti and Kicks. One day, an opportunity opened up at HUS for a Team Leader, and Marek, always seeing possibilities in everything, embraced this too. Spending some time in that role, he later had the opportunity to become the Team Coordinator and later an Account Business Manager for the same client when the existing team leader retired, making Marek's journey from a temporary worker to an Account Business Manager.

At home, Marek is both a father and a partner. At work, he aims to be the same person he is in his free time. Humor is a constant companion in both realms, but Marek, while maintaining a lighthearted approach, also knows when to take things seriously. He strives to approach work with the same intensity as he does chores at home, ensuring commendable results whether it's planning processes or doing the dishes.

Marek's current role as a Account Business Manager is multifaceted, and you won't find a duplicate at Onitio. It involves leadership responsibilities, result accountability, and production oversight. A typical workday includes client meetings and constant interaction with internal support groups, all while never forgetting the most crucial element: the people with whom he works.

Marek's strengths include a comprehensive understanding of different facets and extensive experience in various roles and tasks. Cost-effective thinking has been a constant throughout his journey, evident even during his early days of local support when he considered cost-effective route planning. What motivates him at work is the sense of collaboration and achievement. The ever-changing tasks and the opportunity to influence and shape the work environment have kept Marek thriving at Onitio. Some even say he's become the go-to guy for the company.

The most memorable situation in Marek's career at Onitio happened during his early days in local support. Onitio had acquired a new client, and remote support was a relatively new service at the time. One evening around six, Marek's phone rang when he had already left work and was in his car heading home. The customer in need asked Marek to establish a remote connection from his car to the customer's computer. While Marek would have gladly helped, this, of course, was not feasible.