Close-up image of a self-checkout machine, showcasing the details of the user interface and technology for seamless transactions.


A strong workplace culture creates a feeling of belonging and community. In Onitio we foster a culture of togetherness. Together we celebrate our wins, and together we learn from our mistakes. We like to describe ourselves as innovative problem solvers. It is the heart of our business, and that is what we’re passionate about.

A workplace culture is tricky to describe in words. Because it is about a feeling. How does it feel to work at Onitio? Well, we asked our employees to describe our culture with one word, and the - by far - most popular word was "Togetherness”. That is not surprising, because in Onitio we take pride in each other. We are friendly colleagues who celebrate each others successes.

As an employee in Onitio, a great deal of trust is being placed on us. The work is often quite independent, and we are trusted to deliver what we have promised, when we have promised. That is what our customers expect of us, and that is what we expect from each other. Freedom with responsibility is a pretty good phrase to use when describing our culture.

But we cannot talk about our workplace culture without mentioning our strong customer focus, which is present in everything that we do. We are a solution oriented business, driven by solution oriented people. Helping customers solve IT-related challenges is what makes us tick. We truly do love the sight of a smiling customer!